Mortgage Modification Help

Mortgage Modification can help you when you are unable to repay the loan(s).


Here are some examples how your loan can be modified:

- Reduction in interest rate, change from a floating to a fixed rate

- Reduction in principal

- Reduction in late fees or other penalties

- Lengthening of the loan term

- Capping the monthly payment to a percentage of household income

- Skip mortgage payments

Here are some tips to consider when you have decided to have your loan modified:

•    Be patient.
•    Stay focused.
•    Provide only relevant information.
•    Expect to repay as much as you can
•    Don't fudge or falsify your current income or expenses.
•    Principal reduction, interest-only and cash-out refinancing.

Consult a loan modification attorney and tax adviser before you consider a short sale. Contact us for a free consultation!