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Hard times can hit hard and unexpectedly. We wake up one morning and realize we are in over our heads; and we’re not sure how we got there. You are not the only one struggling in the current economic climate; in fact, one in ten homeowners are facing the possible loss of their home right now!

Fortunately, the very fact that so many people are experiencing difficulty means that steps are being taken to protect homeowners just like you. One of these steps means making mortgage loan modifications available to as many homeowners as possible, to prevent foreclosure and let hardworking people stay in their homes.

Sure, it would be wonderful world if everything always went according to plan. Wouldn’t it be terrific if every American had a job they loved, a more than sufficient income, great benefits and A-1 credit? No war, no threat of attack, no racism or corporate greed or stock market panic.

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Unfortunately, this utopia doesn’t exist outside of fantasy land. We live in the real world, and lately things seem bleaker with each passing month. Jobs are being lost, excellent credit scores changing to good, then fair, then poor - and there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do to stop it. The real estate market sinks lower and lower, and you watch your home equity drain away as your house drops in value.

Is it hopeless? Is it time to resign yourself to the loss of everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve? No! mortgage loan modification tips can help put everything back in balance and turn the crazy runaway road you are on back into a level path.

Negotiate professionally with your bank. Don’t take chances. Rug cleaning london.

Our loan modification specialists have successfully negotiated innumerable mortgages at various banks - and procured credit in a proficient and timely manner.

Contact us for free information!

 Loan modification California can:

-    Immediately eliminate the threat of pending foreclosure

-    Drop your mortgage payment down to an amount you can afford

“Wait,” you ask, “why haven’t I heard about mortgage loan modification California before?”

In the past, lenders didn’t have any incentive to want to renegotiate the terms of a loan. You paid, or they took the home away from you and sold it to someone else. This meant anyone who suffered the loss of a job, illness, unexpected bills or increased interest rate that made their monthly payment go up was in danger of losing their home.

What has changed? Lenders are finally realizing that it costs them more to foreclose on every homeowner in trouble than to try and work things out. The government has even stepped in and implemented programs to bring lenders and homeowners together on common ground!

“So… what exactly is mortgage loan modification, and how does it work?“

Mortgage loan modification lets you change the terms of your original mortgage agreement. This gives you the opportunity to start fresh with a loan you can afford, even if you have experienced job loss, financial hardship or other setbacks.

A mortgage loan modifications can lower your monthly payments, reduce interest rates, and even allow you to defer payments to give you time to regroup and get on your feet again. These and other modifications are designed to help borrowers avoid defaulting on their home loan or damaging their credit. The modification resets your loan to make it easier for you to make payments on time, preventing foreclosure and the sale of your home.

Mortgage modification also helps lenders. It keeps them from spending extra money foreclosing and selling the house - in this market, they are learning they are better off working with you instead of incurring losses trying to sell a repossessed house! Lenders also may welcome the chance to make things right with you if you were initially misled about your loan, and made to think you could afford it when you really could not.


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 Loan Modification California Specialist Rug cleaning london

Wait rug cleaning london,” you may be saying, “you don’t know me!  Sure, you may have a solution for some people, but my situation probably doesn’t qualify…”

Well, you might be surprised. Look at the list of situations hundreds of other people have been in - and they were still able to obtain relief through mortgage loan modification California! You can get help, too, even if:

-    You are experiencing a financial or personal setback that is keeping you from making your mortgage payments

-    Your home has lost all of its equity, or you have an ‘upside down’ mortgage (you owe more than your home is worth)

-    You chose an adjustable mortgage, and now your monthly mortgage payment has gone up - but you aren’t making any more money than before

-    You were fast talked by the seller into an interest only mortgage, and now you still owe just as much as when you first bought your home

-    You are getting frightening letters from your bank or lender saying your home loan is in default status

-    Your credit is hopelessly messed up and you keep getting turned down for refinancing

Don’t give in to despair! Mortgage loan modification specialists have saved thousands of families from losing their homes. Many of the preconceptions you have about mortgage modification may be wrong:

“Isn’t it too late to do anything if a date of trustee sale has already been set?”

No, it’s not!

“I heard having more than one property (like having an vacation home, business or investment properties or land) automatically disqualifies you.

No, it doesn’t!

“I thought I had to already be in default to qualify for help!”

No, you don’t!

In fact, the Obama administration is pushing lenders to negotiate now - before loans go into default. It doesn’t matter if you are already facing foreclosure, or haven’t even missed a payment yet - you can apply for mortgage modification at any time if you have reason to fear losing your home.

Mortgage Modification Blog

“Seriously - what are the possibilities, here?”

  Imagine having your mortgage extended from 10 or 15 to 20 or 30 years, cutting your monthly mortgage payment in half!

Imagine having your adjustable interest rate or high rate exchanged for a low fixed rate, reducing the total you ultimately have to pay for your home!

Imagine the chance to have late payments simply moved to the end of your loan, letting you start fresh!

Imagine even having the possibility of a portion of your loan being forgiven completely, bringing your amount owed down closer to the actual current value of your home!

 You are probably wondering: “Can I qualify for a mortgage loan modification?”

Yes, you probably can! Even if you have:

- financial hardship or personal hardship

- an adjustable rate mortgage

- an interest only mortgage

- no credit or bad credit

- zero equity in the house

- a scheduled date of the trustee sale

- notices of default

- primary, second home and investment property

- a sub-prime loan

- a 100% financed principal loan

…you can still qualify for a mortgage loan modification to help you retain possession of your home and avoid foreclosure!

In fact, you can even qualify for mortgage loan modification if:

- you do not have any missed or late payments

- you do not have an urgent financial hardship

- you have a fluctuating or hard to prove source of income


“Is a mortgage modification really the best solution?”

If your mortgage payments are so high you can’t make them regularly; if your keep falling farther and farther behind; and if you don’t see any way to ever bring yourself current, you have several options:

1. Do nothing, and wait for foreclosure. Lose your home, and be reduced to living with relatives or renting a house or apartment and giving up your chance to own your own home. No-one likes this option!

2. Look for a lender willing to refinance your home, and negotiate a lower interest rate or a longer loan lifetime to reduce payments and give you a chance to catch up. Unfortunately, many lenders will be unwilling or unable to refinance your home, especially if your loan is ‘upside down’ (you owe more on the home than its current appraised value). Also, the fees for refinancing may make this an impossible option if you are experiencing severe financial hardship.

3. Short sell your home to avoid foreclosure. This means accepting the best offer made on your home (which is certain to be less than what you owe) to avoid a foreclosure. This may save your credit, but it still leaves you with the responsibility of paying the balance of the debt and you still lose your home.

4. Find a qualified attorney to represent you, and apply for. This gives you several different options designed to help you get current on your mortgage payments and lower the amount you have to pay each month. Mortgage are available to stop foreclosure proceedings. They can give you a second chance to keep your home and make good on your obligations.

“Wait - do I really need an attorney?!”

You aren’t required to have a lawyer. There is no law that says you have to have an attorney or counselor or anyone else help you negotiate your loan modification. However, your chances of success and getting a fair shake go up dramatically when you have a savvy professional on your side.

A trained loan modification specialist can:

-    Reveal any Truth in Lending or RESPA violations on your current loan by performing an audit of all your loan documents - lenders are quick to agree to negotiations when legal pressure is brought to bear!

-    Explain the ins and outs of loan modification so you really understand what you are signing instead of just putting your name next to X’s on confusing documents

-    Bring expertise to bear in negotiating difficult modifications, particularly if more is owed on the home than its current value

-    Help you avoid being scammed by ‘mortgage modification experts’

-    Provide someone on your side who knows the score when you approach your lender about a mortgage loan modification

-    Give you peace of mind and the assurance that you have obtained the most favorable deal possible

If you are facing foreclosure and the loss of your home, don’t wait. It’s time to book an appointment with a Mortgage Modification Lawyer and start taking steps to reclaim your home and secure your future!

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